How it Works

Most of us have bad posture though many of us may not know it until we are shown otherwise. Whether the root cause is sitting in an office chair all day or from poor sleep positions, the result is aches, stiffness, tension and, if left unchecked, pain and more severe complications. 

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What is a posture corrector?
Posture correctors are a no-drug and surgical-free approach to solving the root cause: body positioning that is not neutral. A posture corrector is a physical brace designed to hold your back up straight and in place (according to recommendations of specialists) by pulling key muscles into their natural orientation and conditioning them to maintain that form.

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Their primary objective is to achieve better posture without having to consciously remember to stand up straight or adjust yourself. In order to be effective, posture braces should be hygienic and suitable for long-term wear.  

How does it help?
There are many ways in which posture support is going to be helpful for your day to day life as well as your general health.  Here are some of the main perks to consider:

  • Proper alignment and distribution of weight over the body. Sitting and standing with postural alignment distributes weight as recommended across your anatomy. This reduces chronic fatigue and strain on muscles that would otherwise have to compensate and bear the weight in a slouching or otherwise incorrect position. 
  • Reduced neck, back and leg pain: Parts of the body including your shoulder blades, neck, hips, lower back and even your legs may be affected by poor posture. Prolonged periods can lead to ligament / muscle damage and growth in the wrong areas, impact blood circulation and cause pain that will only worsen if left uncorrected.
  • Benefits of an upright appearance: Having an upright appearance will project a positive appearance to others around you, energize your daily activities and improve your own confidence. Over time, your muscles will adapt to this desirable position, and you may find yourself conditioned to stand upright even when not wearing a brace for the majority of the time. 
  • No-fuss solution: Unlike surgery, posture correctors are non-invasive, and require no chemical or medicinal intake which could present new complications. Experts often advise for exercise and natural approaches first: they’re far less expensive and less time consuming than multiple visits to the clinic! 
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    Achieving desired results
    The Bergman Back Collection features several different options and sizes optimised for home and office use. Users are strongly advised to take the time to measure dimensions before ordering so that you get the fit required to see results: you’ll be glad you did.