About Us

We are a bunch of normal adults who had our fair share of neck, shoulders and back pains as a result of working long hours at the desk. We tried all sorts of plasters, ointments and pain medicines out there but they were all short term solutions. It continued this way until we discovered the existence of these posture correctors (as they are not commonly found in your brick and mortar shops).


Coming back to now, we are no longer suffering from the pains arising from bad postures. We nipped the problem in the bud by simply correcting our postures. No more headaches, no more painful necks when turning, no more stiff shoulders and no more unbearable back pains. We truly believe in these and had experienced first hand the benefits. 


We thus begin a mission to empower others with this inexpensive and unobtrusive natural alternative. We are a team who knows what it is like and how it has been. As such, trust in us to deliver on our promises as we seek to build a stress free journey for you. Know also that we guarantee the safe delivery of your order and you will have our full support every step of the way.


Our 5 Point Customer Promise:

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  2. Safe payments via MasterCard, Visa And American Express.
  3. Help when you need it. We got you!
  4. Tracking number for every order.
  5. Guaranteed delivery of your order.